Kermit is a skilled coach and counselor. I’ve received guidance, support, and coaching from him on many occasions and have always come away feeling clear, at ease, and empowered. And it’s not just a matter of feeling better. Kermit has a gift of finding the heart of an issue and then of providing practical ways to work with it. He manages to combine caring, heart-felt empathetic listening, emotional process work, and grounded practical advice in a skillful, unique way that makes me feel understood, but that also directs me toward my greater potential or my ‘working edge.’ I find Kermit easy to trust because it’s clear he comes from a heartfelt place that is informed by his own life experiences. And he’s funny. So even the most difficult challenges and issues tend to seem lighter after I’ve talked to him. I highly recommend his work for anyone looking for support in navigating life challenges or in creating a more vibrant existence.   

Natasha Kruger

I had a coaching session with Kermit, and I was extremely impressed with his ability to tune into exactly what I needed to hear (not necessarily what I wanted to hear!), and his sensitivity and skill in leading me to certain realizations about my life — realizations that I don’t think I could have gotten any other way.  Kermit’s sensitivity and wisdom are just what a life coach should have.  I highly recommend him.

– Peter Mellon

Kermit is a gifted coach who listens not only to your story, but to the meta-structure behind your words. He offers insightful reflections and suggestions that support the life you are creating.

Rivka Leah Jade