Transform Your Non-Profit Team with Expert Technology Consulting

Welcome to TechAlive Consulting, where technology meets purpose!  With over 30 years of expertise in Information Technology and a decade as a life coach, I bring a unique perspective to elevate non-profit organizations through seamless technology implementation in team environments.

Why ChooseTechAlive Consulting?

Proven Excellence in IT

With a track record spanning three decades, I have successfully driven IT solutions that enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

Holistic Approach

Experience the power of seamlessly integrating technology and human processes, with equal attention to emergent structures and emotional intelligence. 

  • Successful implementation is a marriage of technology and process
  • Every team member’s engagement is met with acknowledgment and confirmation of relevance, fostering a positive atmosphere for change.
  • Good communication creates effective communities for technologies, as well as for people
  • Identify hidden duplication
  • Leverage emergent opportunities for collaboration
  • Iterative and incremental implementation, attuned to business cycles


Asana Implementation

Unlock the full potential of collaboration with specialized expertise in Asana implementation. Discover how to match your configuration and integrations more closely to your team’s unique needs.

SaaS Integration

Leverage he value of all your SaaS packages with targeted synchronization. My focus on SaaS integration ensures your technology stack works cohesively with a minimum of duplication, leveraging the effort of users and teams.

Workflow Optimization

Uncover workflow efficiencies with a balanced approach to technology and human needs

How TechAlive Consulting Makes a Difference

Discover structures that support the flow of collective endeavor, turning change into an opportunity for growth, belonging, and fulfillment.

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