The Coefficient of Kinetic Life

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You ever feel stuck?  I have periods where it just feels like more than I can bear to get started.  But then, when I actually get started, suddenly it seems easy.  What’s that all about?!

Inclined PlaneWhen I was a kid, I was fascinated by the experiment of the inclined plane in science class.  You could put a block on a tilted board, and it would stay stationary, due to friction.  But, if you started the same block ever-so-slightly moving on the same board it would keep moving.  This phenomenon is called the coefficient of kinetic friction there is less friction for a moving (kinetic) object than there is for a stationary one (according to science).

The same is true of life.  If you just get moving everything is different on the other side.  Notice, though, that it doesn’t seem that way when you are stuck.  That is because you are caught inside a loop of your own making just like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day.  Trying to untangle it on your own can feel like trying to find the latch on a box from the inside.

So, give yourself a break.  Let go of the trying, and just start moving.  Take yourself on a walk.  Read a book.  Break up that intimidating task into the smallest first step.  Call a friend.  As long as you are doing something, you are changing your landscape.  Once you get moving, look around and see what’s changed.  What is available from here?  There is a limit to how much you can plan.

All you need is a starter engine something to get your internal motor going until the engine of life takes over.  There is a trust in moving before you know exactly where you are headed a trust that life has something good in store for you, just around the bend, to where you cannot see.  Only by taking that next step will you enable the movement that manifests arrival.  What gives you faith in the goodness that awaits?  What reminds you of the adventure and possibility of this path that you find yourself on?  What gets you moving?

Love to hear your experience in the comments, below.

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